KST (Koren Specific Technique)

A new technology developed by Tedd Koren, D.C.  It is an improved form of Chiropractic Care. After years of suffering, Ted Koren DC, accidentally discovered a way to heal himself. Now KST is taught internationally.


KST is empirical, meaning the patients are not addressed based on theory or hypothesis. Instead the objective is to learn from the body what works to bring health, wholeness, and healing.


The technique is based on the fact that the occiput bone in the cranium will shift when questions are addressed to the body. This enables the KST practitioner to determine causes of health problems and achieve better and successful results.


The body is a hologram and can reflect physical, emotional, and psychological imbalances. Some corrections may show up in certain postural positions or may have associated emotional components, ie our body chemistry changes when we are in fight/flight situations. Stress for years can cause chronic illness.


KST permits the practitioner to easily, quickly, and accurately analyze, locate, and correct interferences in the body specifically, and with low forces anywhere in the body. When an adjustment is needed, the correction is done using the Arthrostim™ adjusting instrument which delivers 12 taps per second in a fast, accurate low force and controlled method.


Koren Specific Technique is an incredibly specific patient analysis and correction protocol that can be applied to nearly any part of the body by the KST practitioner.




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